City Planner

It seems that at some point or another most of us get completely infatuated with a place we just happen to visit on our journey through life. It is often a vacation destination such as Disney World that is hands down the place to send a young child into imaginary overload that will last for most of their trip home or at least until they have to take off the ears, or a mini marathon tour of Europe, visiting 20 countries in 10 days where everyone will bring home some trinket to remind them of the crowded bus and tour guide broken record stating “ Take your time quickly” at every stop.

I am the confused one in this category. I want to figure out how to bring my home town with me. When I bought my first house it was one street of newly constructed homes with the location chosen to remain a close distance to an aging relative that wanted to maintain their independence. The neighborhood was a diverse group from the far ends of the spectrum, mostly quiet but respectful. A few years ago we arranged a birthday party and it ended up as a full blown block party, complete with permits to block the street a pig roast and bounce house for the kids. We put fliers on everyone’s door and hoped for the best. Many people that we had seen daily for years but never even spoke to attended with their families. We had ages ranging from 1 to 88 years old and quite a variety of family origins with almost 100 quests. It gave me the opportunity to meet my neighbors. It led to the comeback of the traditional gathering that is all but dead in this day and age. The party lasted well into the early morning but after that we went outside gathered in the street helped one another and found this odd feeling that used to be known as friendly. Just one of those memories that will stay with me forever and maybe even organize it again where ever I end up.

By the way, it was my birthday and I had the chance to get to know my new hubby who cleaned my kitchen for my present because he felt so bad he didn’t get me anything


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