Touchy Subjects – I can’t ask mom

A few years ago my mom died far to young of brain cancer, thankfully she had retired 10 years before that and got a chance to enjoy retired life and boy did she. The one thing that she really missed out on was being a grandma and she told me and my sister constantly. Luckily my sister had a baby six months before she passed away so she got to know a little piece of that joy. As for me I now have a daughter and am 40 years old and have no idea what to do and no one to ask, my mother in law was also lost to cancer this past November and only saw our daughter a few times.

Here is the touchy part. How do I handle discipline? do you spank or not, what if she is faking crying, how do I know if she is sick. I know there are a million answers and I would love to see them all, not to mention the answer to: If you could give one piece of information to a new mom what would it be?


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