Eighth sin

I am not that concerned with the sins, all I can do is be the most honest and ethical person I can, all else will fall into place.

But one day I guess I was feeling a bit mouthy and tweeted “just because they make that in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it”. It was at a water park and I was not interested in seeing how much some could let hang out of a bathing suit and think it was ok.

This is what came to mind when I read the inspiration today



An eternity of experiences but only a lifetime to make them memories.Grigsby Ranch 09142011 068

Touchy Subjects – I can’t ask mom

A few years ago my mom died far to young of brain cancer, thankfully she had retired 10 years before that and got a chance to enjoy retired life and boy did she. The one thing that she really missed out on was being a grandma and she told me and my sister constantly. Luckily my sister had a baby six months before she passed away so she got to know a little piece of that joy. As for me I now have a daughter and am 40 years old and have no idea what to do and no one to ask, my mother in law was also lost to cancer this past November and only saw our daughter a few times.

Here is the touchy part. How do I handle discipline? do you spank or not, what if she is faking crying, how do I know if she is sick. I know there are a million answers and I would love to see them all, not to mention the answer to: If you could give one piece of information to a new mom what would it be?

How to feel human 7 Steps with photos

1.Drive home from the airport with the windows down and breath in the clean country air and try to reduce the smell of the city

Windmill at the gate

2. Chase cows in my car

3. Go for a treasure walk to see what surprises the land left us to find.

4. Watch the deer run across the yard at sunsetSONY DSC

5. look up at the night sky and watch a billion stars shine bright and see a few fall

6. Make wishes

7. Go to sleep dreaming they come true.

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Just a number I care about

kk Although age is just a number it is a designation on a scale that measures life experiences and the changes that come with them. As a tiny baby we are labeled and placed into categories that correspond to behaviors’ some way and not age. Toddler, kid, pre-teen, tween, teen, young adult, adult or elderly are normally used to group how you act. Me personally I am in my 40’s with a new baby, now I know why 20 year olds have them and 40 year olds are grandparents. I do have more patience and appreciate the special moments I am able to spend with her. My little toddler that I can’t find exactly what age that is but that is what the babycenter.com newsletter keeps telling me, melts my heart. I try to be the free spirit that provokes the old “Act your age”. So it is just a number that measures the steps that got me to the who I am.


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Is it just another day?

From a pretty young age I was taught that birthdays are no big deal. In my picture albums there is one picture from my childhood that was me in front of a cake. I was probably only 7 or 8 years old and the only kids were my cousins that are the same age. I was a shy kid and we moved often with my parents’ job so I did not have many friends and what is the point of having a party without friends. I did have plenty of acquaintances and when I turned 21 decided to have my own party. It was at my dad’s house and it was a fun day and night pool party. There were people there that I haven’t seen in years. Remnants of it even lingered the day after in the ditch around the corner. My lasting memory was the burns on the bottom of my foot after stepping on two cigarette butts.

As I aged the celebrations were less frequent but I could always count on a card from my grandma with a few dollars in it and one from my mom with a $100 bill in it, always saying something like “This is not for paying bills or buying groceries, it’s just for you and just for fun.”

On my 29th birthday then boyfriend decided it would be fun to have a block party on my birthday and I thought it was a neat idea as not many gatherings have that neighborly feel. Little did I know I would be doing all of the cooking for over 100 people that visited that night. We had a pig roast and what seemed like a ton of sides and since it was a birthday I made the half sheet cake Happy Birthday Gibson, my nephew with the birthday the day after mine. We got a permit and blocked the street off like in an old movie. I found myself sitting in the middle of the street talking about nothing special with people that I had seen every day for the last 10 years but probably couldn’t tell you the name of 75% of them. There were some language barriers and the range in age of the guests ended up being 1 to 85 from all parts of the world. We visited until the early morning when everyone wandered home safely on foot and the air was let out of the bounce house. After that night at least to me I felt safer in my home than I ever had in the past and special to have a neighborhood I could be proud to live.

So, the answers to the question of “do I like a book or a bash”? There is a time and place for everything and I would not trade any of my memories in for the hope of something better.


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