The truth about the frame

There is a mysterious world on the thin strip of paper hidden behind the picture frames that quietly waits for the awkward moment.

The creatures of this world, are the rejects only labeled “who  is that “, usually stay hidden from view but at times do appear in the one picture that everyone has smiled in, awkward!.

Human nature causes us to do everything imaginable to get the unwanted participant back hidden under the frame, cut it, turn it, resized the picture, get a different frame have become a familiar ritual just to get the “Who is that” visitor back to his world and under control.

It will most likely be a vicious cycle for as long as  paper is available .

Save the planet go digital.

Thanks for the inspiration


Eighth sin

I am not that concerned with the sins, all I can do is be the most honest and ethical person I can, all else will fall into place.

But one day I guess I was feeling a bit mouthy and tweeted “just because they make that in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it”. It was at a water park and I was not interested in seeing how much some could let hang out of a bathing suit and think it was ok.

This is what came to mind when I read the inspiration today