Ready or not here Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies come. You need me

creativeSo my get a real job, job is a managing consultant and I am currently getting training material completed that will help anyone from individual to corporate and enterprise applications of the new crypto coins.

I can help integrating Bitcoin into your current financial model and be your partner through the process. My goal is to make sure you understand all aspects and impacts positioning you as a leader in the new globalized currency movement

I like to make my blog friends the first to know just about anything that comes up mostly because you provide me with the most support when I need it.


I welcome any comments and suggestion, I am a bit scared of going down the unknown path.


Get your feet wet with these free faucets

Free Bitcoin number roll game. I play it all the time.

Free Dogecoin number roll game. second place I waste time.



Weekly photo challenge – Texture – First thing to mind

Sid is a multi textured being that often inspires me. When I look at the different medium types for the exact same image I find that texture is random. I never thought about it before but it seems to have its way of making its own mark without conscious interaction.

I am tasking myself with making another version of this image and pay specific attention to the texture and see what comes out.

Thanks for the inspiration