Just sitting here and an irony popped up

While spending the morning with my hubby talking about nothing important and both doing our little things, my husbands little thing was gluing something with super glue and said I couldn’t laugh if his hand was stuck to it, so I laughed ahead of time.

the funny thing is his hand wasn’t stuck and neither was what he was gluing, He said sometimes it takes a while.  My response: “Isn’t it funny how it takes a while for it to stick to whatever you are gluing it to but every time I have ever used it my fingers are stuck together immediately”? Isn’t it ironic

Thank you daily inspiration


How to feel human 7 Steps with photos

1.Drive home from the airport with the windows down and breath in the clean country air and try to reduce the smell of the city

Windmill at the gate

2. Chase cows in my car

3. Go for a treasure walk to see what surprises the land left us to find.

4. Watch the deer run across the yard at sunsetSONY DSC

5. look up at the night sky and watch a billion stars shine bright and see a few fall

6. Make wishes

7. Go to sleep dreaming they come true.

thanks postaday

My happy word

Along time ago I read a story about an old couple that spent their 60 years together taking turns leaving the word SHMILY for the other to find. It stood for “see how much l love you”. I decided that l would leave the word MUACH around for my husband as sometimes that is what we say in place of blowing a kiss. It is how the sound that a kiss makes would be spelled phonetically. To my surprise he started leaving it back. Now when l read or hear MUACH, with this post as no exception, l smile